24 avril 1965 24 avril 1965


CAN 2016 : La préparation suit son cours

IMG_0645.JPGThe Lionesses will on Saturday October 08,at 9:00h play their fourth evaluation match since the beginning of the sixth training camp in preparation for the Women Africa Cup of Nations in Akono against Atlantic of Mbankomo. Enow Ngachu's squad first played against Rainforest International School, Giles Augustin Binya Academy and Espoire to Caire obtaining a series of draws, 3-3, 4-4 and 0-0 respectively.
IMG_0574.JPGMeanwhile the team continues to train hard and twice daily at the College Stoll playground.
The sickbay is practically empty with three players regaining fitness after minor injuries. These are Akaba IMG_0645.JPGHenriette,Therese Abena, and Ngo Batoum.

Leocadia Bongben
Photos : Leocadia Bongben
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