24 avril 1965 24 avril 1965


Résultats des 1/4 de finales et combinaisons des 1/2 ce matin

Quarts de finales
Dames :
Spécialtennis de table (19).JPGNo Date & heure Nom Vs Nom score
1 22/07/2015 Meshref Dina EGY WO
2 22/07/2015 El Dawlatly Nadeen (EGY) Hanffou Sarah
CMR 4-2 (11-13)(11-8)(6-11)(11-6)(8-11)(2-11)
3 22/07/2015 Lohgraibi Lynda (Alg) Laid Islem (ALG) 2-4 (11-6)(9-11)(6-11)(12-10)(7-11)(11-5)
4 22/07/2015 Oshonaike Olufunke (NGR) WO

No Date & heure Nom Vs Nom score
1 22/07/2015 Lashin el Sayed (EGY) Aruna Quadri (NGR) 2-4 (11-8)(10-12)(9-11)(11-9)(4-11)(8-11)
2 22/07/2015 Kazeem Makanjuola (NGR) Khourta Idir (ALG) 2-4
3 22/07/2015 El Belali (EGY) Lawson Gaisser Fessou (TOG) 4-2
4 22/07/2015 Assar Omar (EGY) Boudjadja Mohamed Sofiene (ALG) 4-2

½ finales Dames

No Date & heure Nom Vs Nom Score
1 23/07/2015 Meshref Dina EGY Laid Islem (ALG)
2 23/07/2015 Oshonaike Olufunke (NGR) El Dawlatly Nadeen (EGY

EGYPT.jpg½ finales Messieurs

No Date & heure Nom Vs Nom score
1 23/07/2015 Assar Omar (EGY) El Belali (EGY)
2 23/07/2015 Aruna Quadri (NGR) Khourta Idir (ALG)

(c) Etienne-Didier ONANA

EL-DAWLATLY Nadeen (EGY) after beating HANFFOU Sarah (CMR) 4-2 in the quarterfinal of women’s singles

It was a very strong match because Sarah is a good player with a lot of mental stability. For me it has been a while I play because of my injury but in the match I was not thinking about my leg as I managed my thinking. At the start of the match, I made a lot mistakes but I was able to regain myself and focused very well to win the match. In the semifinal again Olufunke Oshonaike of Nigeria, I will not think about the times I had lost to her because I could remember I defeated 3-0 at the last ITTF African Championship in Cairo and I will also use this same attitude to play the match because I prepared very well for this competition.

HANFFOU Sarah (CMR) after losing 2-4 to EL-DAWLATLY Nadeen (EGY) in the quarterfinal of the women’s singles

I think Nadeen played very well because she made me to play the way I played. I did not have any opportunity to attack through my forehand. She closed the game up for me. Initially she was making a lot of mistakes and this helped me to win some games but tactically I was not playing well. I think not having enough time to practice well really affected me in this competition and I hope to work hard ahead of the All Africa Games. In this tournament I did not lose badly because my two loses were against the two best players – Dina Meshref and Nadeen El-Dawlatly
Ce texte est de l' IITF

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