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Le nigérian Aruna Quadri représentera l' Afrique à la coupe du monde de tennis de table...

Quadri, Meshref to represent Africa at ITTF World Cups

Nigeria’s Aruna Quadri and Egypt’s Dina Meshref will represent Africa at the 2016 ITTF World Cups after the duo emerged champions at the ITTF Africa Top 16 Cup in Khartoum, Sudan.

To become the new continent champion, Aruna Quadri avenged the defeats he suffered in the hands of Egypt’s Omar Assar in 2015 when he walloped the Egyptian 4-1 to lift the trophy while Dina Meshref who has been training in Singapore in the last three months defeated Congo Brazzaville’s Han Xing by same margin to be victorious in the women event.

Just like it happened in 2014 in Lagos when Quadri and Meshref claimed the titles, it occurred again in Sudan as both became the new champions of Africa.

With this win, Quadri will return to Germany where he had his resurgence in 2014 when the 2016 edition of the ITTF World Cup hold. For the women event, Meshref will want to amend her first round exit at the 2015 edition of the World Cup when this year’s event hold in a yet to be decided venue.

For the third time, Nigeria’s Aruna Quadri will be representing Africa at the ITTF World Cup after the 2014 ITTF Star Player defeated his arch-rival, Egypt’s Omar Assar 4-1 to win the 2016 ITTF Africa Top 16 Cup in Sudan.

africa_15_02_16_Large[1].jpg Quadri who has been playing second fiddle to the Egyptian in their four last meetings was in fine form in the final of the men’s singles with a 11-8,8-11,7-11,6-11,9-11 victory over the North African. This win will make it the third time Quadri will be participating in the ITTF World Cup. His maiden outing was in 2009 in Russia while in 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany he stunned the world with his performance which shot him to the top 30 in the world.

The win over Assar will surely rub off on the world ranking of Quadri who is at present rated 37 while Assar is 32.

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Jeux Africains 2015 à Brazza : Les pongistes lancent le compte à rebours...

Countdown to 11th All Africa Games: All Eyes on Brazzaville As Table Tennis Takes Centrestage

Khaled El-Salhy.jpgUnder the leadership of Khaled El-Salhy as the President of Africa Table Tennis Federation (ATTF), new grounds and records have been set with all eyes on the continent come September 4 to 19 at the 11th All Africa Games in Congo Brazzaville.

The continental multi-sport event will return to its birth place this year where it all started in 1965 in Brazzaville. Thousands of athletes from the 54 projected countries are expected to compete in the competition, which is meant to engender friendship among the participants.

Since 1973 when table tennis became part of the events, all eyes will once again be on table tennis this year as one of the 22 sports listed for the games.

However, ATTF boss said as usual table tennis will attract more participants this year as over 30 countries will compete in seven events.

“I am dreaming that we will continue to secure the best image and promote the interest of table tennis among all other sports in Congo Brazzaville. I hope we can have the best look due to top class equipment. I look forward to the best feedback due to the results as well as the best media coverage based on the stiff competition now among Nigeria, Egypt and Congo Brazzaville as the host and also with its new Chinese players whom are eligible to take part in the Games as per International Olympic Committee (IOC) eligibility rules, and this will make the temperature much higher in Brazzaville come September,” El-Salhy said.

He added: “We are expecting over 30 countries, which is a big target. At the 2011 edition in Mozambique, we had over 26 countries as a record and I saw that table tennis was number one considering the results from the participating countries.”

On the eligibility of the new Chinese imports by Congo Brazzaville, he said: “The rules are clear on this matter because such players could not participate easily in our ITTF/ATTF official events due to applying the ITTF eligibility rules, while for the All Africa Games, IOC eligibility rules will be applied and this permits some more players to join the Games due to the Olympic Charter. The presence of the Chinese players will give more challenge to our top players to prove that the real African players are not less than those in Europe and Asia.”

For the giant stride made in the continent in the last three years, El-Salhy said: “I am so happy for the big steps we have made regarding growth and popularity of table tennis not only worldwide but also in Africa. For example, two years no one could believe that we could have live streaming on YouTube and some TV channels for our African Cup or African Championships as we have now in 2015. Also, the membership of ATTF this year has reached 51 affiliated National Associations. This was made possible because we have been and still working as a team in ATTF Executive Committee (EC) to enlarge the number of Affiliated Associations within ITTF/ATTF, and also to promote the participation and good organization of our activities to give the sport more popularity.”

The table tennis number one citizen in Africa acknowledged the crucial roles played by Nigeria and Egypt to promote the growth of the sport. “The traditional competition between Nigeria and Egypt, and lately with Congo Brazzaville is very important to promote the game in their countries and Africa, I see that Nigeria and Egypt are the two legs of table tennis in Africa and they complement each other in terms of their performance at global level,” he explained.

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Classement final du tennis de table africain à Yaoundé

Classement final messieurs

Rang Equipe Pays
1er Al Ahly (EGY)
2ème Avenir Club Congo Brazza
3ème US Baraki Algérie
4ème Union Bank Nigéria
5ème IUG CMR
6ème As VUTT CMR
7ème Electric Sport Ethiopie

Classement final dames
Rang Equipe Pays
1er Al Ahly Egypte
2ème Avenir Club Congo Brazza
3ème IUG CMR
4ème ASF ARABA Algérie
5ème As VUTT CMR

Trophée de fair play : Electric Sport Ethiopie

Men Champion.jpgAlhy of Egypt takes it all at ITTF African Clubs Championships

Twice Ahly Club of Egypt missed out from clinching the title and this year, they made it double at the ITTF African Clubs Championships held in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

From Omar Assar to El-Sayed, the joy of winning the men’s title ahead of defending champion was radiating in their faces as they hugged themselves as El-Sayed Lashin defeated Saheed Idowu of Club Avenir of Congo Brazzaville 15-13, 11-8, 11-6 for the North African to emerge as new winner of the tournament.

Earlier, the Ahly female team has retained their title in an entertaining and explosive final against the ladies from Congo Brazzaville. Despite fierce opposition from the Congolese Chinese imports – Han Xing and Yuheng Li, the Egypt’s trio of Dina Meshref, Nadeen El-Dawlatly and Yousra Helmy played their heart out to triumph at 3-1. This night surely belonged to Egypt
an elated El-Sayed Lashin described the victory as vital, saying, “Prior to the final, Omar Assar, Mohammed El-Beiali and myself had high fever and our body temperatures were so high that we never expect that we could play with the way we played today. Also twice the trophy has eluded as we were denied by Zamalek and Club Avenir but this year, we were determined and we got it. This is very sweet especially against a team that had denied us before,” Lashin said.

For Nadeen El-Dawlatly, clinching the title this year was a bit hard compared to the last edition. “I think it was bit hard this year especially playing two competitions back-to-back. We have prepared well for this championship and this reflected in our performance and we are happy that we are able to hold on to the title this year,” she said.

Women Champion.jpg El-Dawlatly, who was returning from months of lay-off due to injury added: “I think playing more matches in this competition has helped my confidence and this I can say I have achieved in Cameroon ahead of the All Africa Games. We will continue to work hard hoping that we can raise our game more for Brazzaville.”

A disappointed Onyinyechi Nwachukwu was however disappointed that she could not help her team. “I am so disappointed with my performance in this competition and I hope that I will get over this easily. It is painful losing in the final having missed the ITTF African Senior Cup,” the Nigeria-born Congolese star said.

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Début de la coupe d'Afrique des clubs ce soir

Tirage au sort des groupes du championnat des clubs.
No Poule I Poule II
2 Club Avenir Congo brazza Al AHLY EGY

No Poule I Poule II
2 Club Avenir Congo Brazza Al AHLY EGY
3 AS VUTT CMR Union Bank NGR
4 **************** ************** Club Ethiopie ETH
5 ****************** **************** ***************

Hier soir, en finale de la coupe en individuels, Omar Assar d'Egypte a battu Quadri Aruna du Nigeria par
4 sets à 1. Dans les détails (11-4, 11-4, 11-7, 6-11, 11-7) en Messieurs. Khourta Idir d'Algérie a occupé le 3ème rang.
en Dames :Dina Meshref (EGY) a battu sa compatriote Nadeen El Dawtly par trois sets à un. (11-7, 11-7, 9-11, 12-10). Oshonaike Olufunke du Nigéria a occupé le 3ème rang , Laid Islem d’Algérie s'est classée 4ème et sarah Nana Hanffou du CMR 5ème .
Etienne-Didier ONANA(c)

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Résultats des 1/4 de finales et combinaisons des 1/2 ce matin

Quarts de finales
Dames :
Spécialtennis de table (19).JPGNo Date & heure Nom Vs Nom score
1 22/07/2015 Meshref Dina EGY WO
2 22/07/2015 El Dawlatly Nadeen (EGY) Hanffou Sarah
CMR 4-2 (11-13)(11-8)(6-11)(11-6)(8-11)(2-11)
3 22/07/2015 Lohgraibi Lynda (Alg) Laid Islem (ALG) 2-4 (11-6)(9-11)(6-11)(12-10)(7-11)(11-5)
4 22/07/2015 Oshonaike Olufunke (NGR) WO

No Date & heure Nom Vs Nom score
1 22/07/2015 Lashin el Sayed (EGY) Aruna Quadri (NGR) 2-4 (11-8)(10-12)(9-11)(11-9)(4-11)(8-11)
2 22/07/2015 Kazeem Makanjuola (NGR) Khourta Idir (ALG) 2-4
3 22/07/2015 El Belali (EGY) Lawson Gaisser Fessou (TOG) 4-2
4 22/07/2015 Assar Omar (EGY) Boudjadja Mohamed Sofiene (ALG) 4-2

½ finales Dames

No Date & heure Nom Vs Nom Score
1 23/07/2015 Meshref Dina EGY Laid Islem (ALG)
2 23/07/2015 Oshonaike Olufunke (NGR) El Dawlatly Nadeen (EGY

EGYPT.jpg½ finales Messieurs

No Date & heure Nom Vs Nom score
1 23/07/2015 Assar Omar (EGY) El Belali (EGY)
2 23/07/2015 Aruna Quadri (NGR) Khourta Idir (ALG)

(c) Etienne-Didier ONANA

EL-DAWLATLY Nadeen (EGY) after beating HANFFOU Sarah (CMR) 4-2 in the quarterfinal of women’s singles

It was a very strong match because Sarah is a good player with a lot of mental stability. For me it has been a while I play because of my injury but in the match I was not thinking about my leg as I managed my thinking. At the start of the match, I made a lot mistakes but I was able to regain myself and focused very well to win the match. In the semifinal again Olufunke Oshonaike of Nigeria, I will not think about the times I had lost to her because I could remember I defeated 3-0 at the last ITTF African Championship in Cairo and I will also use this same attitude to play the match because I prepared very well for this competition.

HANFFOU Sarah (CMR) after losing 2-4 to EL-DAWLATLY Nadeen (EGY) in the quarterfinal of the women’s singles

I think Nadeen played very well because she made me to play the way I played. I did not have any opportunity to attack through my forehand. She closed the game up for me. Initially she was making a lot of mistakes and this helped me to win some games but tactically I was not playing well. I think not having enough time to practice well really affected me in this competition and I hope to work hard ahead of the All Africa Games. In this tournament I did not lose badly because my two loses were against the two best players – Dina Meshref and Nadeen El-Dawlatly
Ce texte est de l' IITF

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Flash-back sur le premier tour

Championnat d’Afrique de tennis de table.
Spécialtennis de table (10).JPGC’est bien parti depuis ce mardi à Yaoundé avec le championnat d’Afrique de tennis qu le Cameroun abrite. Après le tirage effectué lundi dernier au palais polyvalent des sports, les compétitions proprement dites ont démarré. Sept tables ont été installées à cet effet. Au pointage des arrivées ce soir, il ne manquait que le Congo brazzaville. Les pongistes de la RDC ont débarqué au moment où le comité d’organisation offrait un cocktail après la cérémonie d’ouverture et la fin des compétitions de cette journée initiale. Les congolais, arrivés à Douala en fin de matinée, ont pris la route pour la capitale. Spécialtennis de table (8).JPGQuant aux marocains, ils ont perdu les matchs de la matinée. Reste maintenant à savoir si les rencontres qui n’ont pas eu lieu seront programmées ce mercredi.
Les résultats par poules :
Groupe I
No Date & heure Nom Vs Nom score
1 21/7/2015 Meshref Dina EGY Atinuke Olaide NGR FF de olaide
2 21/07/2015 Hanffou Sarah
CMR Ntumnyuy Harriet
CMR 3-0
(11-4, 11-4,11-4)
3 21 /07/2015 Meshref Dina EGY Hanffou Sarah
CMR 3-1
4 21/07/2015 Atinuke Olaide NGR Ntumnyuy Harriet
CMR 3-0
5 22/07/2015 Meshref Dina EGY Ntumnyuy Harriet
CMR 3-0 (11-2)(11-2)(11-1)
6 22/072015 Hanffou Sarah
CMR Atinuke Olaide NGR 3-0 (11-5)(11-7)(11-4)

Groupe II

No Date & heure Nom Vs Nom score
1 21/7/2015 Han Xin (RDC) Enjema Ikome Béatrice (CMR) Han abs
2 21/7/2015 Oshonaike Olufunke (NGR) Laid Islem (ALG) 3-0(11-8,11-3,11-9)
3 21/7/2015 Han Xin (RDC) Oshonaike Olufunke (NGR) Han abs
4 21/7/2015 Enjema Ikome Béatrice (CMR) Laid Islem (ALG) 0-3(4-11,4-11,8-11)
5 22/07/2015 Han Xin (RDC) Laid Islem (ALG) Han abs
6 22/07/2015 Oshonaike Olufunke (NGR) Enjema Ikome Béatrice (CMR) 3-0 (11-4)(11-7)(11-5)

Groupe III

No Date & heure Nom Vs Nom score
1 21/7/2015 El Dawlatly Nadeen (EGY) Papale Alida (CMR) 3-0
2 21/7/2015 Nwachuku Onyienyechi (RDC) Lohgraibi Lynda (Alg) ******
3 21/7/2015 El Dawlatly Nadeen (EGY) Nwachuku Onyienyechi (RDC *******
4 21/7/2015 Papale Alida (CMR) Lohgraibi Lynda (Alg) 0-3
5 22/07/2015 El Dawlatly Nadeen (EGY) Lohgraibi Lynda (Alg) 3-0
6 22/07/2015 Nwachuku Onyienyechi (RDC) Papale Alida (CMR) *******

Groupe I

No Date & heure Nom Vs Nom score
1 21/7/2015 Lashn el Sayed (EGY) Boudjadja Mohamed Sofiene (ALG) 3-1
2 21/7/2015 Saka Suraju (RDC) Nikwango Alex Gildas (CMR) Suraju Abs
3 21/7/2015 Lashn el Sayed (EGY) Saka Suraju (RDC) Suraju Abs
4 21/7/2015 Boudjadja Mohamed Sofiene (ALG) Nikwango Alex Gildas (CMR) 3-0 (11-7,11-4,11-4)
5 22/07/2015 Lashn el Sayed (EGY) Nikwango Alex Gildas (CMR) 3-0
6 22/07/2015 Saka Suraju (RDC) Boudjadja Mohamed Sofiene (ALG) *******

Groupe II

No Date & heure Nom Vs Nom score
1 21/7/2015 Assar Omar (EGY) Agbetoglo Mawussi (TOG) 3-0
2 21/7/2015 Kazeem Makanjuola (NGR) Nyoh Ofon Derek (CMR) 3-0
3 21/7/2015 Assar Omar (EGY) Kazeem Makanjuola (NGR) 3-0
4 21/7/2015 Agbetoglo Mawussi (TOG) Nyoh Ofon Derek (CMR) 3-0
(11-5),(4-11), (11-5)
5 22/07/2015 Assar Omar (EGY) Nyoh Ofon Derek (CMR) 3-0 (11-5) (11-5)(11-8)
6 22/07/2015 Kazeem Makanjuola (NGR) Agbetoglo Mawussi (TOG) 3-1

Groupe III

No Date & heure Nom Vs Nom score
1 21/7/2015 Aruna Quadri (NGR) Dinayen Clarence (CMR) 3-0
2 21/7/2015 El Belali (EGY) Reda said (MAR) 3-0
3 21/7/2015 Aruna Quadri (NGR) El Belali (EGY) 1-3
4 21/7/2015 Dinayen Clarence (CMR) Reda said (MAR) 3-2
5 22/07/2015 Aruna Quadri (NGR) Reda said (MAR) 3-0
6 22/07/2015 El Belali (EGY) Dinayen Clarence (CMR) 3-0

Groupe IV

No Date & heure Nom Vs Nom score
1 21/7/2015 Idowu Sahed (RDC) Jague Alain patrick (CMR) Idowu abs
2 21/7/2015 Khourta Idir (ALG) Lawson Gaisser Fessou (TOG) 3-1
3 21/7/2015 Idowu Sahed (RDC) Khourta Idir (ALG) Idowu abs
4 21/7/2015 Jague Alain Patrick (CMR Lawsson Gaisser Fessou (TOG) 0-3
5 22/07/2015 Idowu Sahed (RDC) Lawson Gaisser Fessou (TOG) *******
6 22/07/2015 Khourta Idir (ALG) Jague Alain Patrick (CMR 3-0

Etienne Didier ONANA(c)

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Clarence DINAYEN : l'espoir du tennis de table camerounais.

ITTF Africa Senior Cup: A fulfilled dream for Clarence Dinayen in Yaounde

DINAYEN Clarence  CMR   2.jpgWhen Clarence Dinayen, 22, started his romance with table tennis, he just wanted to enjoy himself playing the game on the street of Bamenda in North Western part of Cameroon. But as he plays, his love for the sport continues to soar and this eventually earned him a place in the table tennis team of the University of Bamenda, where he studies Chemistry.

Twice he has featured for his institution at the National University Games in Cameroon but his efforts did not attract the attention of the national technical team.

But in 2015, he won the heart of the Cameroon Table Tennis Federation when he edged out national champion, Emmanuel Ngwe in the round of the 16 of the men’s singles but his good run was halted in the quarterfinal.

However, the Cameroon Table Tennis Federation saw the need to encourage Clarence Dinayen and they invited him for the national trials in readiness for the 2015 ITTF Africa Senior Cup.

He was in the midst of the best players in Cameroon and fortunately for him he made the final cut for the four-man team that will represent Cameroon at the ITTF Africa Senior Cup in Yaounde.

From the way he has been conducting himself at the tournament, it was clear that Dinayen was in class of his own especially playing against some of his role models in the game.

It was a dream comes true for the undergraduate as he was pitched against 2014 ITTF Star Player, Aruna Quadri of Nigeria, whom he admired a lot in Africa.

“I cannot describe the feeling I have been having since this competition started because this is my first time of playing international competition and also putting on the colours of Cameroon in such event was indeed a dream come true. For me playing in this tournament is indeed a big privilege and I cannot express how happy I have been since Tuesday July 21 when the championship started. I was the last player to make the team during the trials especially for a player that comes from the North Western part of Cameroon (Anglophone),” he admitted.

As if the selection was not the icing on the cake for Dinayen, he had to play against one of the continent’s best, Aruna Quadri of Nigeria in the men’s singles group matches. “I could not imagine that I was playing against Aruna because I have all his matches in my laptop especially his matches against Zhan Jike of China, Kenta Matsudaira of Japan and some of his wonderful matches. It was a big privilege seeing and playing against a player I admired so much. I cannot just know what was going on within me when we were playing because I just cherished the moment. I was not really concentrating on the game but was just admiring Aruna because he has a lot for the game in Africa. He is a superstar which most of us cherish and look up to in Africa,” Dinayen said.

But Dinayen did not only come to cherish Aruna, he put up a good fight against Morocco’s Said Reda to win 3-2 as the only victory to his credit in Yaounde.

And when he matched up against his idol conqueror, Egypt’s Mohammed El-Beiali, Dinayen wanted to prove a point as he fought hard against the Egyptian. “I think the match against El-Beiali of Egypt remained my best game in this tournament. Although I lost but I did all I could in the encounter. I wanted to show that I am capable of playing against a player who has beaten Aruna earlier. He is a good player but I know that if I continue to work hard, I can match up with him,” Dinayen said.

As long as Dinayen admired Egypt’s Omar Assar, the respect he had for Aruna is unequalled. “The player I love at present is Omar Assar because he works hard and he plays well in this competition. But for me, he is not in the class of Aruna who to me is a super star because Assar has not been able to measure up with the global status of Aruna. Even if Aruna did not win the ITTF Africa Senior Cup, he remains the best for me and I don’t think there is anything for him to prove in Africa. He is a player for a big stage and he has shown this in his previous performance and I just think we can emulate him in Africa. Assar is also a good player but he has not been able to do what Aruna has done and this is what distinguishes Aruna from other players in Africa,” he said.

Like an optimist, Dinayen looks forward to making the Cameroon team for the 2015 All Africa Games in Congo Brazzaville. “I know we will also play in the national trials to select the team for the All Africa Games and I hope to continue to work hard so that I can make the final list of players that will represent my country in Brazzaville,” he added.

NB : Photo et texte: ITTF

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Coupe d'Afrique de tennis de table: les premiers coups de raquette ...

Le tirage au sort du championnat d'Afrique de tennis de table vient d'avoir lieu. Quatre poules de quatre chez les messieurs et trois de quatre chez les dames.
Poule I) Lashin, Saka Suraju, Boudjadja, Nickwango
poule II)Assa Omar, Kazeem, Mawussi, Nyoh Derek
Poule III) Aruna Quadri, El Belali, Dinayen Clarence,Reeda Said.
Poule IV)Idowu Sayeed, Khourta Idir, Jague Alain Patrick, Lawson fessou

Poule I) Mesref Dina, Sarah Hanffou, Atinike Olaide, Ntumnyuy Harriet
Poule II)Han Xin, Oshonaike, Enjema Ikomé, Laid Islem
Poule III) Nadeen El Dawtaly, Nwachuku Onyinyéchi, Papale Alida
Lynda Loghrabi.
début des compétitions demain.
10h 00 pour les messieurs, 10h 30 pour les dames.

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Optimisme mésuré chez les pongistes camerounais

Optimisme dans chez les pongistes camerounais
Ping pong juillet 2015 (11).JPGA vingt-quatre heures du début de la coupe d’Afrique de tennis de table que notre pays abrite, c’est la sérénité dans le camp camerounais. C’est le sentiment qui se dégage de la visite que nous leur avons rendu vendredi dernier dans leur camp d’entrainement situé au club des brasseries du Cameroun à Yaouné. A notre arrivée, ils sont sept à l’entrainement, Nyoh Derrek, Nickwango Davy, Jagué Alain, Papale Alida , Ntumnyuy Harriet et Enjéma Béatrice qui travaillent sous la houlette des entraineurs nationaux Christian Tsagué et Yannick Amougou. Ping pong juillet 2015 (6).JPGAu rythme de deux séances d’entrainement par jour, ils transpirent, tapent sur la balle, y mettent toute la volonté et l’ardeur. Tous se disent prêts à défendre valablement les couleurs. Nous allons nous battre jusqu’au bout nous dit l’un d’entre eux. La bande à Nyoh Derrek sait qu’elle ne peut pas gagner la compétition, mais il faudra bien mouiller la raquette et éviter le ridicule. Le président de la fédération non plus n’est pas optimiste, il nous l’a dit, mais compte sur un sursaut d’orgueil de Sarah Hanffou pour la troisième place, à défaut de la première comme en 2010 toujours à Yaoundé. Guillaume Mutlen, le directeur technique national a dit depuis deux mois aux journalistes que les pongistes camerounais n’ont pas le niveau de la compétition. C'est’ un autre niveau. Néanmoins, il faut faire travailler les enfants car, ils doivent bien acquérir de l’expérience. Le Dr Abela Ondobo et le kiné sont à la manœuvre sur le plan médical. Seule manque à l’appel Sarah Hanffou qui devait arriver samedi d’Europe.
Etienne-Didier ONANA©

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Championnat d'Afrique de tennis de table 2015 au Cameroun: Veillée d'arme

21-26 juillet : Championnat d’Afrique de Tennis de table
Coup d’envoi mardi prochain.

Camer flag.JPGLe Cameroun abrite du 21 au 26 juillet prochain, la coupe d’Afrique de tennis de table. Cet évènement, couplé au championnat des clubs, regroupera tous les meilleurs pongistes du continent. Ceux-ci viennent d’Algérie, d’Egypte, du Maroc, du Togo, de RDC, du Congo Brazzaville, du Nigéria et bien entendu du Cameroun. C’est ce qui ressort de la rencontre qu’a eu mercredi dernier, Alfred Bagueka Assobo, le président de la fédération camerounaise de tennis de table avec quatre organes de presse écrite et cybernétique de la place.
De cet échange, il en ressort que :

Alfred bagueka.JPGLa fédération africaine de tennis de table a deux compétitions majeures qui se tiennent tous les deux ans dans un même pays. Ceci pour minimiser les couts. Il s’agit du Championnat d’Afrique senior individuel et par équipe, dans les catégories dames et messieurs. Il y a aussi la coupe d’Afrique qui est biennale mais qui ne se tient pas la même année. Le championnat d’Afrique devait se tenir au Soudan en novembre 2014. Malheureusement, pour cause de la maladie Ebola, il n’a plus eu lieu. L’Égypte qui avait organisé l’édition précédente en 2012, s’est vu confier son organisation en janvier 2015. Le Cameroun s’était classé 6ème sur 8 pays. Lorsqu’il y a coupe d’Afrique, on associe celle des clubs pour minimiser les dépenses et faire d’une pierre deux coups. Le règlement de la coupe d’Afrique veut que chaque pays aligne une équipe de deux joueurs en dames comme en messieurs, le pays hôte engage deux équipes soit, quatre joueurs. Le championnat d’Afrique voit aussi s’engager celui des clubs. Le pays hôte engage aussi deux équipes notamment le club champion du pays. Toute compétition africaine est lancée par la publication du prospectus. Ce dernier définit les responsabilités au niveau de l’organisation notamment le directeur du tournoi, Le comité d’organisation, le juge-Arbitre, le système du jeu, toutes les conditions relatives au séjour des participants, officiels etc…. Dès que ce prospectus est publié, il est envoyé à tous les pays afin qu’ils prennent connaissance et s’engagent ou pas. En 2010, le Cameroun a abrité le championnat d’Afrique. Cette organisation a eu l’aval des plus hautes autorités de la république. Les moyens nécessaires ont été dégagés, toutes les dispositions concernant les différentes commodités ont été prises. Le Cameroun en résumé est prêt à relever le défi de l’organisation.
Sur les chances de pongistes camerounais, Alfred Bagueka est péremptoire : Elles sont infimes, surtout pour les garçons. Sarah & égyptien.jpgAvec Sarah Hanffou qui en 2010 avait remporté le titre chez les dames, notre pays peut viser au moins la 3ème place. Il continue en disant que la compétition sera relevée au vu de la présence des grands noms du tennis de table africain qui sont présents. Tous les champions en titre sont là Assar Omar, Lashin et Han Xin, tout comme d’autres ténors. Beaucoup de ces pongistes connaissent bien le plancher du palais polyvalent de Warda, pour y être venus en 2010 lors du championnat d’Afrique et lors des « Internationaux de la Sonara » organisés par la fédération camerounaise de tennis de table. Aruna Quadri, Idowu Sayed ou Saka Suraju le congolais.

Ping pong juillet 2015 (1).JPGAvec ses 40 ans, la nigériane Oshonaike Olufunke est la plus âgée du tableau féminin, tandis que l’algérienne Loghrabi lynda est la plus jeune avec 18 printemps. Chez les messieurs, le nigérian Toriola Segun fait office de doyen avec ses 41 ans, quant au congolais Kassag Gedeon qui soufflera sur sa 17ème bougie le18 octobre 2015, il est le plus jeune pongiste de ce rendez-vous.
Saka Suraju.JPGCette compétition sert également de grande répétition avant les jeux africains qui auront lieu à Brazzaville en septembre de l’année en cours.
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